Artist & Listener Reviews

RacManChristianRadio (Radio Network)

"Christian Music Spotlight is one of the best programs out there, with a talented DJ. RacManChristianRadio is proud to carry this show on our station."

Jesse W. Martin

Chad Chaney (Recording Artist)

"Recently I've had a chance to be featured on multiple radio stations around the country, but rarely are they done this well. Brian and Christian Music Spotlight play the best CCM (Christian contemporary music) around and continue to put on a quality show every time I tune in!"

Greg Albertson - Rock Island, IL (Listener)

"Christian Music Spotlight is my go to for the best in Christian music! You will find today's hits and yesterday's favorites! I love the way Brian puts his heart into this ministry. I especially love the old school throwbacks!"

Tim Langan - Long Grove, IA (Listener)

"I like the wide variety of songs that are played. Every time I listen I hear a song that is new to me and I enjoy listening to the nuggets of wisdom embedded through the show!" 

Chad Boney (Recording Artist)

"CMS is a great show playing some of today's best Christian music. DJ Brian is one of the best! Glad to have my music aired on this show! Tune in for a great uplifting show!"

Leigh-Andre Scheffers (Recording Artist)

"I love the combination of the classics, the favorites, and the new. I'm in love with the way the show is put together. With the added wisdom bits at the end, it just makes the show everything needed to feed your soul."

Lead singer with Secondary Citizens 

Gospel Hour Radio (Radio Station)

"What can be said about CMS that hasn't already been said? Brian produces a show with the highest quality and an awesome selection of today's top artists and music. Tune in and I know you will be blessed."

Brian Mace

KWAKE Radio (Radio Station)

"Love the show! Great songs, updates on concerts and shows. The weekly top 5 is great. Great variety of CCM (Christian contemporary music) here. Great show. Keep up the Good work, God Bless!"

Jason Dogzn Katz

HeartRight Radio (Radio Station)

"Christian Music Spotlight is an excellent show that features Christian music and is crafted and produced very well, and is a a great asset to Heartright Radio."

Jimmy Mobley

Selah (Recording Artist)

Christian Music Spotlight is a well produced radio program that showcases classic, current, and new songs in Christian music. You should definitely tune in!

Todd Smith with Selah

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